Can the taxpayer and spouse cell phone fields be formatted to look like a phone number like taxpayer home phone (123) 222-2222?


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Level 12

What program are you using, ProSeries Pro is formatted the way you describe. 

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No it is not formatted on the Homebase - It is in the program. 

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Level 12

You did not mention Home base, but you can change the home base headings if you would like to see the cellphone numbers. Just go to menu, Homebase, then scroll down to column headings, and arrange them as you like

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If you look at the home based - Home telephone number looks like this (123) 456-7890

cell phone number looks like this 1234567890


Has nothing to do with heading - it is the way it is formatted.   It needs to be corrected. 

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The numbers still work the same if you push on them on your phone so I'm thinking it isn't the biggest issue for Intuit to fix at the moment ----------------- they have plenty of things to fix before the official start to tax season.