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Comparing Lacerte and ProSeries and ProConnect Tax Online

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Comparing Lacerte and ProSeries and ProConnect Tax Online

Differences in features between Lacerte, ProSeries Professional, ProSeries Basic, and ProConnect Tax?

What are the key differences in features between Lacerte, ProSeries Professional, ProSeries Basic, and ProConnect Tax?

Key Feature ProConnect TaxOnline  ProSeriesBasic  ProSeries Lacerte
1040 forms with schedules and calculations X X X X
Deep diagnostics to help you locate errors, omissions,and questionable entries X X X X
Integrated electronic-filing
Bank Products X X X X
Free U.S. based tech support with extended hours during peak seasons X X X X
Business forms including 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041 X X X
E-file Business Returns X X X
Additional 1040 support such as 1040NR, NetOperating Loss & more X X X
Input Screens (Non-forms based input) forrapid data entry X X X
Network functionality for multiple user access X X X
Customizable Client Letter X X
Client Letter Cover Sheet X
One Click E-file X
Cloud Based X
Cloud Hosting X X
Other Filings: 990, 706, 709, 5500 990, 709 990, 706, 709 X
Missing Client Information tool to help withmissing data X X
K-1 data import for business to 1040 transfers X X X
Client Analyzer identifies clients impacted by taxchanges and scenarios X X X
Customizable Return Printing X X X
Customizable Client Management Screen X X X X
Import from QuickBooks Desktop X X
Integration withQuickBooks Online for Accountants (QBOA) X
Built in E-file Reports X X X X
Global Billing Options X X
Billing Clock X
Rates Per Form Billing X X X
Customizable Client Invoices X X
Standard Client Invoices X X
Client Organizer with Prior Year Amounts X X
Client Checklist X X X
Customizable Client Reports X
Customizable Client Status Tracking X X X X
W-2 Import X X X X
Schedule D Excel Import (1040 only) X X
Paperless E-Organizer / Intuit Link X X X X
Client Paper Organizer Add-On X
Consolidated Corporate Returns X
Kiddie Tax Link - 8615 X
Tax Planner X X X X
Control user access to program features formulti-user firms X X X
In-product tax help and forms search X X X X
Integration with ProSeries/Lacerte Smart Vault X X
Forms-based data entry similar to actual IRS Forms X X
Guided workflow and checklists to help with returns X
Deduction Finder helps identify missed deductions X
eSignature X X X

Complex Calculations in Intuit Products Comparison:

Form ProConnect TaxOnline ProSeriesBasic  ProSeries Lacerte
SEP/Keogh/SIMPLE Contribution X X X X
Passive Activities X X X X
Alternative Minimum Tax X X X X
Household Employment Taxes X X X X
Suspended Losses X X (not at risk) X X
Partial Rental Ownership X X X X
Tax Preference Items (AMT) X X X X
Amended Returns X X X X
Estimated Payments X X X X
Charitable Contribution Limitations X X X X
Lump Sum Distributions X X X X
Carryovers X X (not at risk) X X
Business Use of Home X X X X
Education Optimizer X X X X
Employee Stock Options X X
401(k) Optimizer X X
Vacation Homes X X X X
Like-Kind Exchanges X X X X
Net Operating Losses X X X
Publicly Traded Partnerships X X X
At-Risk Limitations Form 6198 X X X
Form 8271: Tax Shelter reporting form X X X
Married Filing Joint /Split Report X X X
Form 1045: Application for Tentative Refund(and related worksheets) X X X
Form 5884: Work Opportunity Credit X X X
Form 6765: Increasing Research Credit X X X
Form 8845: Indian Employment Credit X X X
Form 8846: Employer Tip Credit X X X
Form 8861: Welfare to Work Credit X X X
Form 8594: Asset Acquisition Statement X X X
For 4970: Tax on Accumulation Distribution of Trusts X X X
Form 4852: Substitute Form W-2 or Form 1099-R X X X
Form W-7P: Application for Preparer Tax Id Number X X
Form 8821: Tax Information Authorization X X X
Late Penalties and Interest Worksheet X X X
Form 2848: Power of Attorney X X X
Form 8850: Prescreening notice for Work OpportunityCredit X X X
Form 8859: DC First-Time Home buyer Credit X X X
Form 8881: Credit for Small Employer Pension PlanStartup Costs X X X
Oil & Gas Depletion X
Consolidated Corporate Returns X

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