Re: Is it possible to export W2 employer name?

I do, and you can; far be it from me to stop people throwing money at me.


However, as I was getting into the car last night I had the thought, "Lacerte already does this work and we pay to get it; it's called the Organizer."  The Wages & Pension pages have the column of just-the-names, the Business & Rental & Partnership pages each have the name (and/or location, for Rentals) at the top...
  ...why not just do a limited-print, "Partial Organizer", for just those pages?  10, 11, 12, 16, 18, (17 if you want Farm, too; we don't do too many), all 20.X, send to printer.


Heck, you could even do them up in advance (print the entire client list), save them to PDF instead of paper, and just print out the paper one when you started working on the client.  Easy to forward the PDF to a client in email, too, since it already exists.
  (My first thought was to use the input sheets, because you can limit those to JUST 10p1 and 20.1p1--the pages where the names are--rather than getting ALL the pages for that property (like the Organizer would do).  The advantage to using the Organizer version of the page is that for W-2 and 1099 pages, you can get several of them on a single sheet.)




I guess what I'm driving at is, "What kind of page are you looking for?"  What's it going to do for you?