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I am unable to get the 943 to populate the FFCRA credits for qualified sick leave correctly.  The items are set up correctly in the payroll item list and I am able to run a 941 (as a test) with the credits populating correctly and with Worksheet 1 coming up.  When I try to do this in the 943 form (my client is Ag), the sick leave wages do not pull into Line2a, nor does the non refundable portion of the credit pull into line 12b.  Worksheet 1 does not follow either.  I can manually override Line 2a, but cannot override line 12b, and cannot get into Worksheet 1 to override, since it's not there!  Yes, I have installed the latest payroll update!  What is so different in the set up for a 941 filer versus a 943 filer??

If the form isn't going to populate correctly, at least give us the ability to override!


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You've posted in the forum for folks using Intuit's tax prep software.  You'll find more info/help here:

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Have you heard from QB at all?  Since the 943 doesn't work I think I will just use a paper file

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"Have you heard from QB at all?"

Not Here. This is NOT a QB forum.

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You’ve come to a Peer User community for Intuit Tax Preparation products supporting Lacerte, ProSeries, or ProConnect Tax Online products. Please visit the QuickBooks Help site for the answer to your question.



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