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I feel like I should state: "Thank you for your service." Based on everything that's been happening, working for the IRS is probably like working in a war zone.

I think Intuit meant a "covid" related topic section to help the tax preparers impacted by the CARES act, the business loans and grants programs available to our own clients and how we would need to track and report them, the shifting deadlines, etc. Unfortunately, nothing here is "general public reference" and we only know the same thing that you see elsewhere on the web.

I keep telling folks to sign up for governmental e-newsletters. Even regular folks, non-tax preparers, can get the updates directly to your inbox.

Government e-newsletter signup

Such as:



For a bunch of portals. You are likely going to want IRS, Payroll, SBA, DOL. Here is a list from that link I provided: You get to checkmark what you want to get for notices.


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