Level 2

You have people who are not tax professionals who wound up here because they are grasping for straws after not being able to get a resolution from the IRS or SSA. I understand that you are trying to redirect people, but you're redirecting them to a resource where they will not be able to receive assistance that will lead to a resolution, and to me, it reads like you're talking down to people while doing so. 

I'm sure you do volunteer on these forums, and maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to take your words for being demeaning. That said, I literally just said that I was coming here to try to do some research about an issue so I could feed it up. I'm a hands on, front line employee and I noticed an issue that I have yet to see an official answer for. So I've got zero information for anyone beyond "this actually shouldn't be happening, but is happening and there's no official fix yet". Whether they're aware of the scope of the issue or are working on anything or not is well above my pay grade, but again, there's not an official answer or procedure specifically addressing it. Which is why I was gathering information on my own time to prepare a report for my supervisor. 

I don't speak I'm any kind of official capacity. I'm a taxpayer as well, and am impacted by all these issues as well, and I happen to also work for the IRS. What I probably could have said is "hey, IRS resources won't help you either, sit tight, hopefully we're working on a resolution". But a couple of your posts read like you were a jerk, so I responded like you were a jerk and I'm sorry if you're not. We as employees are as restricted by the systems as anyone else and it's incredibly frustrating to encounter an unresolved problem and feel like you're the only one who cares if it's fixed.