Level 15
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@Miss Lu 

You are not Contacting Intuit, here. This is a peer user internet forum for those using the Tax Preparation programs. The QB Community is also an internet forum of peer users; you see the username with Intuit as part of their "badge" if they are working for intuit.

No one here is a QB Payroll support person. You are Lost on the Internet. I gave you a clickable link to the right community. If you use it, you will see the people "there" are asking the same questions as the tools you are using. That's why the link I provided, which will not be Intuit Customer Support or Payroll Support, still is a better place than this Income Tax Preparation peer user community.

And since you pay for Payroll Subscription, the Payroll Support phone and Chat are another resource for you to use. But not this Income Tax forum.

I sure hope that clarifies why you are being directed elsewhere.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.