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Is anyone else having a problem with the Quickbooks Pro Desktop version of Form 941 Q2 2020?  There is nowhere on the form that you can enter April 1 to June 30 qualified wages for Employee Retention Credit. (which is Line 21 in Part 3).  This part does not show up on the first page "interview" section where qualified wages from March 13 to March 31 are entered, put no place to enter Quarter 2 qualified wages. The wages CANNOT be entered at step 3 line 1 (last page), the keystroke does not work and also unable to override.  Perhaps Quickbooks is still updating the form, and  will resolve with the latest Payroll Update in later part of July.

I will have to submit the form by using the latest from irs.gov.  THAT form seems to be correctly updated.  Any input is appreciated!


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