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This was added as a comment to the blog I referenced yesterday:

This afternoon Chi Chi Wu from the National Consumer Law Center who follows issues like these closely posted the following message on the ABA Pro Bono and Tax Clinics listserv: “So I just got this update unofficially – It looks like the IRS will be able to make direct deposits of stimulus funds for a significant percentage of taxpayers who received RACs or RALs for 2018/2019. Apparently, returns with a RAC/RAL do often include bank account information in addition to the temporary disposal account used to receive the RAC/RAL. This is called an “ultimate bank account”, and we have been told it exists for the majority of RAC/RAL recipients. We have been told that the IRS/Treasury has made the decision to allow direct deposit into these accounts.
For a minority of RAL/RAC recipients, their RAL/RAC funds are disbursed in the form of a paper check or prepaid card. Unfortunately, these folks will receive a paper check for their stimulus payment.”