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It's not about what program. It's a simple question. Do I just put 213, or do I put PO Box in front when using "Get my Payment" If this is the wrong community to ask, then I apologize. If you read what I wrote, I explained that I got here because someone else asked the question here and received an answer, but the answer was not clear, so I addressed that answer that was on this community. I don't use any software. I didn't receive any link. It's really not that hard. Pay attention; There is a tool through the IRS called "Get My Payment" you put in your SSN, date of birth, street address using number and street. I have a PO Box, so I wasn't sure how to input that. I was blocked for 24 hours by not putting the correct info. I googled the correct way so I wouldn't get kicked off. I saw someone else had the same issue as me. I didn't just come to this community to ask. I clicked on ( it took me here. Maybe she asked in the wrong community. I just followed that link. So please stop with the software stuff. If you don't know the answer, just leave it be. if someone knows, great, if not, I will search elsewhere, It's really that simple. 

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