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@Diaous wrote:

and is looking for an intuit software

Is there a reason why you want Intuit software?  There are several other high-quality programs made by other companies.  Personally, I recommend against getting involved with Intuit.

As was mentioned, a lot of it depends what type of business you are planning to have.  Larger businesses and/or very complex returns may benefit from higher cost software.

It also depends on how you like to enter information.  Do you like working off the actual tax forms?  Do you like detailed worksheets?  Do you need extensive guidance, perhaps some step-by-step questions?

Ideally, you DON'T want to be repeatedly switching software.  Ideally, you should do extensive research and testing on what will be the best long-term software for YOUR situation, and stick with it for many years.

You really should be test-driving multiple tax programs.  Each company will let you use a demo program so you can experiment with entering test tax returns.

Unfortunately, you are a bit late to the game here.  You really should have been testing various software programs months ago.

There are definitely other programs available, but here is the annual survey about some of the most commonly used ones: