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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TaxAct® has made filing a tax return even more refreshing this year by partnering with Natural Light to enable its filers to receive a case of Natty for completing their returns by the extended tax deadline of July 15.

Filing your tax return and getting your maximum refund is an accomplishment that should be celebrated – especially during one of the longest tax seasons in U.S. history. That's why eligible filers 21+ who file their 2019 taxes with TaxAct by July 15 can get a rebate for a 24-pack of Natty courtesy of Natural Light.* Simply upload your TaxAct filing confirmation along with a receipt of your beer purchase to naturallight.com to get the rebate.


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Nothing makes a company appear more first class than giving away free beer with a purchase of its product😳


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I wonder if that's even legal in all states. I don't think you can give away alcohol in MD.

I have no plans to compete.