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You need to file a Form 5500 along with a Schedule I If it’s a simple ROBS rollover.

And it’s just not true that only those who pay for Guidant administration can do this correctly. It does require meticulous records, avoidance of prohibited transactions (which is simple to accomplish), a C Corp, a 401K, etc. but there are many attorneys who can set these up for their clients and many business owners who have the acumen to do this correctly without paying thousands a year in admin fees. It all depends on how they are using the 401k. The benefit of ongoing plan admin is only really seen with companies that have employees who continue making regular contributions to their 401k plans, etc.

Small entrepreneurs shouldn’t be bullied into thinking they can’t fund their businesses with their own hard-earned 401k plans unless they can spend thousands a year for an administration company to do nothing but file an annual 5500 for them.