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I now have three different clients who have received notices from the IRS, just a few weeks after filing their 2020 tax returns, I would add, that say their taxes are not paid in full and they owe the difference between their 2020 tax liability and the amount of tax withheld on their W-2 forms.  Two of these clients sent in extension payments, another simply paid the balance due with the Form 1040-V.  Two paid online, one paid by cashier check.  Essentially, the IRS has ignored these additional payments (payments made in addition to regular withholding) as if they were never made and is sending notices saying they owe these amounts, plus interest and penalties.  Has anyone else run into this problem? 

On top of that, when accessing the clients' tax transcripts, these additional payments don't show up on the transcript, only the taxes that were withheld, so the information transcripts are matching what these notices say (which are incorrect because my clients paid in full).

Calling the IRS, as I'm sure everyone knows, is almost impossible these days.  Does it make sense to simply mail in a response with proof of payment?