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I had thought he had the loan before it was destroyed. But just looked back and date on the 1098 is 2008 and home destroyed in 2005 so I don't know. I know he said something to the local branch and the guy said "you mean we don't have any collateral? We won't say anything." OH and in 2019 he started making personal withdrawals that I'm separating out of the interest. What gets me is he has been allowed to only pay interest since at least 2014 other than one payment in 2017 his mom made for a lot he gave her (whole other part of the equation).  

I have had to start with a single purchase price for 6 lots, and a few years later a lot given to him. He then gave 2 lots to mom at different times.  Now combined the one gave him with 2 of the others before selling for one price. I'm really looking forward to next year when he's sold the lot that had the trailer on it. I thought he had bought his house the same year the trailer was destroyed but no, it was 5 years apart.


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