Level 11
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So here's a fun thought experiment.  A 20yo non-student who boomeranged back to Mom & Dad's house made $2K at a McJob in 2020 and $10K of unemployment.  Fails the QC test because not a student, fails the QR test but only because of gross income.  No tax because TI = $0 after taking the standard deduction.  He's never filed a return before so no EIPs, now he files a 2020 return and gets $1,800 RRC.

Yay, now $10K of unemployment is excluded from gross income, thank you Congress.  But now little Johnny only has $2K of income and qualifies as a dependent of Mom & Dad.  The law of unintended consequences says that Johnny loses his $1,800 RRC.  Hope he didn't spend it already.