Level 15

"does this mean I'm not suppose to do depreciations"

Let the tax preparer figure out these values and provide them back to you to enter. You give them a listing of Assets placed in service and removed from service and sold or disposed of. They figure out which rules apply for the year of the activity and based on the history of the items. For all you know, something might be fully depreciated or taken as expense, previously.

"and home office calculations."

Don't do these unless and until you know it applies. For instance, all these people whose employer has them working from home, they don't qualify for Home Office on their taxes.

Here's how I learned: make a check list for that type of Business Entity (sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, C Corp) for things you know you would chase down. I describe year end like this: There are a bunch of things you only do at year end, and you don't do again until the next year end. That makes it three years out before you might even remember what it is you are supposed to be doing about it. And by then, Congress changes the regulations.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.