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@BobKamman wrote:

These are not "agents" who are perusing the package,  in the sense of revenue agents as we know the term. 

Maybe things have changed, but I know it USED to be that semi-trained agents did amending, and there were NOT just data entry clerks.  They probably aren't fully trained agents that do auditing, but they did actually 'look' at things.


@BobKamman wrote:

If IRS considered other information important, it would require it on a 1040-X. 

I have seen the IRS mess up the "credits" on a 1040X.  The 1040X just lumps all credits on one line while the actual 1040 separated them on different lines.  Whether or not including the actual 1040 would have changed anything, I don't know, but the 1040 would have had the correct information.