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Where do I get a pin number?
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PIN use any numbers you want.

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It is indeed your lucky day.  ACME has a sale on numbers today, but I think they only have 5 left, so you better hurry.  Unless of course you just want to make up your own numbers ---------------- that would be even cheaper.

Fast food was too difficult. Collecting aluminum cans seems to be the right fit. Call me if you have any - 867-5309.
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"but I think they only have 5 left, so you better hurry."

Can I buy just one, and reuse it for all 5 positions? That way, other people still have a chance to get one.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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I think this is the ERO PIN. In the lower left is a gear, Click that > Select Preparer Information under Your Firm > From View Actions, select Edit > Under the phone number is ERO PIN > Enter a 5 digit number > Save