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I wouldn't expect Intuit Support who don't even know the products they support well enough to understand tax law, not the least because they are not tax accountants.  I've had my fair share of frustration with them that I don't bother calling them anymore unless it's absolutely, positively, affirmative, there-are-no-other-option, it's-a-live-or-die-situation kind of necessary.

You would have hoped that flagging critical issues like this to the moderators would help make things progress...  They can't say that no one at Intuit knew.

One big problem with Intuit is that they have a tendency of classifying correction of critical technical issues, which are really bugs, as enhancement requests, which cause them to be assigned a much lower priority for resolution.

Perhaps, someday, it may really takes direct escalation to the IRS and state DoR to get technical issues resolved by Intuit.

@IntuitAustin @IntuitBettyJo  Would you have an update on this bug?  Thanks!

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