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Looks like your issue is with not being to update your client's particulars from the Clients dashboard, if I understand you correctly.

You mentioned in Step 5 that your "screen goes blank" but you didn't seem to have done anything after the popup for Edit client information opens.  Could you clarify whether there's anything I have missed?

Did you previously have all the fields populated, especially the Date of Birth and Tax ID (presumably SSN)?  I don't have any problem changing the names of my clients but I suspect that's because we never enter anything in Clients other than the First name and Last name.

If you had previously entered the DoB and SSN for this client and had invited the deceased husband to Intuit Link, your client's Intuit Link account could be tied to that particular DoB and SSN, which would be needed for account recovery.

In that instance, you may like to try the following:

  1. Select Edit client;
  2. Delete the existing entries for Date of birth and Tax ID;
  3. Hit Save;
  4. If PTO doesn't allow you to save the changes, skip to #6 below.  Otherwise, go to #5;
  5. Open Edit client again;
  6. Replace the deceased husband's First name and Last name with the surviving spouse's;
  7. Hit Save;
  8. Open Edit client again;
  9. Enter the surviving spouse's Date of birth and Tax ID;
  10. Hit Save; and
  11. If PTO doesn't let you save these changes, hit Close.

In case you are unable to update the DoB or Tax ID, I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point.  You should, however, keep in mind that the surviving spouse may have problem recovering the account if she loses her login credentials, unless she remembers to use her late husband's DoB and SSN.  Other than for your client's account recovery, these details in the Client record (or a lack thereof) will have no effect whatsoever on the returns you prepare for this client.

Please let me know how it goes.  Good luck.

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