Level 15

As the IRMN says.  But wait, Intuit may have something to add.  After all, it's their tax software and they call the shots.  Shouldn't they? /s

Ah, Intuit says, yes and no.  Yes, you can e-file 1040X for TY2019 and beyond but, no, you can only e-file 1040X for original returns that were previously e-filed with their software.

But you say, "I heard other tax programs can e-file any 1040X, even if the original return was prepared and e-filed by the client."

Now, didn't you listen to your mother?  Remember?  "We don't care about what Peter's [or whatever your friend's name was] family does.  So long as you live under this roof, these are our rules."

Still an AllStar