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I just reported a problem and request a fix. I did not dictate when and how it is fixed, for example, I am not asking that my issues should be fixed before your issues. I assume they have their way of prioritization for all the issues reported and use their resources appropriately.

I cannot prioritize all the issues. First of all, I do not see all the issues. Secondly, there are issues irrelevant to me, for example, I do not have a client who is a part of year resident of CT, but I do not make the judgement that it is not an important issue as it is a critical issue to you. Thirdly, I am not in charge of their development team, so I cannot determine how they should use resources. Therefore, I do as what a user can do: report the issue and let the issue run its due course.

I can see a number of ways the issue can be fixed: may be it is a simple call to assign local sales tax rate a value, or they could just raise a critical warning when local sales tax is used for us to manually assign the local sales tax rate a value if automation is not supported. It could be also possible that they have an intern developer, and want her to have all the small easy issues fixed first, in the same way for people who have fewer than 5 items in the supermarket go through the fast lane. Since we do not know what the company wants to do and we do not control their resources, I feel it is premature trying to prioritizing among ourselves. Let us do our job and they do theirs.

I do not know where your issues are logged. If you have your issues posted, I will vote for the issues that affected me, and I promise you that I will not thumb down your issues that do not apply to me, as I know they are important to you.

Please vote FOR the issues that affected you, or potentially affected you. Someone has taken the time to write up, please take a few seconds to vote, thank you, the link is in my signature.

Click this link to vote. Like many good things in life, we have to fight for them.
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