Level 7
  • In the past years, Intuit does not make some important changes, such as water mark, fixed pricing, etc. These changes will come up automatically without us asking for it.
  • If we ask for it, we may not get it, or may not get it immediately. However if we do not ask, it will not come. That is why I think you should vote, of course if you want to see the change happen. As it is stands right now, the company will think that I am the only one who needs it.
  • Voting does not need unlimited resources. As for the company's resources, we do not know what it takes to implement, we should have our issues reported and it is up to the company to prioritize. The idea exchange board is not perfect, but that is what we have and we should work with what we have.
Click this link to vote. Like many good things in life, we have to fight for them.
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