Level 15

@puravidapto  "It should be automatic as PTO knows where the taxpayer lives."

No, the program doesn't know where the taxpayer lives, and more importantly, where the taxpayer shops.  For example, some of my clients have a mailing address of Glendale 85304, but they actually live in Phoenix.  The Post Office drew the ZIP Code boundaries before the cities annexed the territory.  The rate in Glendale is 2.9%; in Phoenix, 2.3%.  So, many of the people who actually do live in Glendale still do their shopping (sometimes, just across the street) in Phoenix.  

How long does it take to insert the most accurate rate in the program?  30 seconds?  Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.  Self-driving vehicles are already threatening to put thousands of taxi drivers and teamsters out of work.