Level 13

Are you preparing the data for 1120S?

Are you preparing the data for the 1040?

Are you working on the Corporation's tax return?

Are you working on the Individual's tax return?

See why Perspective would be helpful? You described the event; we still have no perspective for your question.

Individuals don't typically carry Note Payable and Paid in Capital; on the other hand, the Corporation didn't sell any stock or issue new stock, if the "owner" (sole shareholder) sold his/her shares.

You described that one person bought stock from another, which would be like me selling my shares of Ford or GM to you. Ford or GM would not be involved in this transaction. If you are tracking the shareholder basis in the business' accounting records, sure, now you have two shareholders (not owners) instead of one. But the Corporation has not benefited from a sale for $150,000 of anything.

"has a stock value of $50,000"

""owner" sells stock for $150,000"

And now it also matters if this is Half the shares? 10% of the shares? Because it appears that your "owner" has a personal gain of some sort, although we don't know the original equity or basis, of course. But that seems like a nice price that might result in gain.


"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.