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My client has a W2 with Box 1 wages of 320k (this includes RSU from Line 14 of about 130k)

Fed Tax Withholding is only about 60k

He sold all the stocks as soon as they vested - so no real gain/loss as for capital gains.

I have entered the RSU transactions on 1099-B -> Emp Stock Wks (part VI done) -> Capital g/l adj 

which produces the  Employer Stock Compensation Income Wks and shows the exact same total as on Line 14 of the W2.

Approx 30% of the stocks were nettet to cover taxes (the transaction statement lists a split in Fed Taxes, Social Sec and Medicare). But where would I enter these tax amount? It is not included in Box 2 of the W2.


1099B shows no tax withheld. 



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