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Among other things, ProSeries has:

- Election statements (some of which are efiled and others which must be attached as a pdf).

- Supporting statements (which have a check box stating 'do not print' with the return, and which statement may be sourced from a form or worksheet that is or is not efiled with a return)

- Notes (which may be printed as part of a tax return for filing, which may or may not be efiled depending on the form or worksheet they are attached to - see above).

- Additional info statements (which, at times - 1040, not 1120 - appear to convert into "preparer notes" for efiling or at least the efiling status becomes more clear)

- Misc Statements (which apparently are not efiled).

I'm sure I have missed a few but the problem should be relatively clear => It is not always clear what is being efiled.  Print preview seems to be one's best (nearest) guess.

Can we fix this with an indicator (or something) on each form/worksheet?  For all form sets?

If there is a handy dandy chart somewhere stating what the program is actually going to do in all of the above possible scenarios/return types, can someone please send the link?

Thank you in advance.

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I'm not aware of a central source, but this is what we were told several years ago by a great moderator that looked into it:

  • Elections that are built-in to the program (it has a form for it) are e-filed.
  • If there is a button that says something like "explain" or "statement" it is e-filed (for example, line 53 of Form 5329 or on Form 1116).
  • The "preparer notes" are e-filed.
  • That is pretty much everything.  The "notes" are NOT e-filed.
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As far as I know, whatever Prints out immediately before e-filing it, is what is EFiled...

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Thank you both.  Hoping someone at Intuit reads (and gets) the message for future product improvements.