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I recently filed an 1120S tax return with a Minnesota State attached.  The program would not allow me to auto deduct an estimated payment, and even with the dates and all boxes checked to do so, the information (payment Voucher 3) did not show up on the EF center.  However, today I find out from the payment did go through (I had removed all the dates....before filing).  How do I confirm this in the future?  There is nothing showing on the EF center that there were vouchers set up not payments ever processed.

Voucher 4 is coming up for auto deduct.  What should I do to confirm this payment will go through?


Thank you!

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If you call EFTPS they should be able to verify what's scheduled.  Oh, sorry, you said MN state....Im sure they have a phone number to reach someone about this as well, I know CA does.

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