Tenn Jeff
Level 2
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Not this go round.  The program is entering two numbers on Line 9 of the K-1 for net section 1231 gain - the number in the column on the far right is the entire gain (1231 plus 1250) and the number on the left is the true net section 1231 gain.  Of course, it also shows 1250 in item 8.  So, if I enter the true net section 1231 gain in the beneficiary's return (the number on the left), will the Service say "Oops, you should have entered the number on the right" - which is not correct because the number on the right is the entire gain despite being captioned "Net Section 1231 gain (loss)."  Got to be a box to check or something to tell the program to separate the 1231 gain from the entire gain.   

Thank you.   

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