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Thanks for all the comments.  I received the same "no data file" message just last week - QB rep told me our FAM file is corrupt and no backup to be found (thank God I exported the data at 063021).  I ended up purchasing the stand-alone version and am now trying it out for 30 days after recreating the import file.  If issues still exist, I will leave QB.  I also wanted you to know I have been working to solve another issue with FAM - I am unable to add an asset from a template.  FAM just stops running upon clicking on the option.  I was able to create a couple new templates first, then upon my attempt to use the option "add asset from template" (didn't even get to choose the template I wanted to use) FAM immediately stops running.  Has anyone experienced this problem?  According to QB, the number of templates are unlimited, so it has nothing to do with this.  QB had me run things through their fix programs and then reinstall QB.  Thought that fixed the problem at the time after testing, but found out a few weeks later it certainly did not fix the problem.  The same issue came up and on top of that, I received the "no data file" message.  One of the most unstable software solutions I have ever worked with.

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