Level 15

Who calls customer support?  I've been using ProSeries for close to 20 years.  If I counted on my fingers how many times I have called support over those years, I would still have a lot of fingers left over.  In the early years, if I had a problem, I would figure it out or figure out a work around.  These days, I check into this forum on a regular basis to see if anybody has hit any road bumps that I need to watch out for.  

As far as the program making changes after the return is done, yeah that is a nuisance.  It would be nice if the software would be able to recognize that the return has been e-filed and accepted and not make any changes unless it asks for permission.  But then again, you complained about price increases, so doing something like that would probably involve an increase in price.  

As far as PA's point goes, the foreign accent isn't just a overseas based issue.  Over the years I've dealt with Valley Girls rambling at a thousand words a second on the phone or folks that moonlight at a support job and catch alligators in the Bayou as their primary occupation.  I have trouble understanding those folks just as much as I struggle at times dealing with overseas support.  But then again, those folks might struggle when they call Minnesota support looking for information about hotdish recipes.

So to sum things up, when it comes to customer expectations, I have none with dealing with Intuit.  Their main focus is reeling those dollars in and really could care less if you have a problem later.  This place is the main focus for support these days.  That way they don't have to pay those overseas support people $12 a day for their work.  They can get by paying zero dollars for support ------------ more good news for that Intuit stockholder's annual meeting.



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