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It looks like Proseries went back and changed California unemployment to be split between joint filers so that if a spouse received 20,400 it is ALL non taxable.

I went back and looked at several of my previously filed returns, and they have all been changed.

My understanding is that in the case I listed above, only half would be non taxable and half would be taxable, as it all belongs to the spouse - I realize that up to 20,400 could be non taxable - but my understanding was that both spouses would have to have unemployment of 10,200 each for this to be the case.

Obviously I could be wrong, and probably am, and it looks like Proseries updated unemployment, adding a community property box.

Ugh. Sorry, this is just irritating.  I (after my pathetic rant) am going to re-read the update on what was changed in the program.







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