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I made $100,000

I worked in 3 states (CA, TX, MO) but have a permanent home in LA.

Income earned per state is the following:

  • CA = $20,000
  • TX = $60,000
  • MO = $20,000

My w2 state section shows the CA and MO allocations but then allocated money to LA. Is there a reason why income was taxed in LA if I never worked in LA?

I created 3 NR Payment allocation worksheets to correctly show the states I earned income in but wondering why income was allocated to LA. Did payroll make a mistake?

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You'll pay tax on all earnings to your resident state. Your resident state should give you credit for taxes paid to the non-resident states where you worked so youre not double taxed on the same income.


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I have a client in a similar situation. Similar to the other response, you will receive credit for taxes paid to other states. Luckily for you TX doesn't have state income tax. CA tax is high even for NR. Too bad you're not a TX resident.