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I installed Pro Series 2020 on a new PC.  Everything working fine on old PC. Tax pdf scan wasn't working (no errors) so I called Pro Series tech support.  They said I have lost my connection to the server, and the back end team had to repair my data file.  $999 for one year tech support or $499 for one time fix.  I've never used tech support in the 10--15 yrs I've had Pro Series.  There is no way around having to pay $500-$1K for them to fix this?  Feels like robbery.

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Where did you get the phone number you called?

Because this all seems like a scam.

You can evaluate for yourself:

You told us this is on your own new PC; not a network, so you have No Server. You cannot lose connection to something you never even had.

Next, a Data file has no impact on how a Program functions. The Program has printer controls. Each data file is just the taxpayer info.

Next, you have Lots of data files. You have more than one tax payer and tax form. That should tell you they are using generic words to scare you.


You are right to be concerned.


Look at this topic:


"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.

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TK Menesale
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You are right, I called a Pro Series Tech Support phone number I found on Google - was not the right Phone number.  I called [phone number removed].  I called the correct tech support, and my issue is now resolved, had to restore the data file and rebuild the common folder.