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Taxpayer dies OCT 05 with calendar year ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, plus tax-exempt dividends that impact the New York state return.  I want to report the full amount to match the information reporting, then subtract the post death amounts for all three categories.  I have all the correct numbers in Excel but cannot get the software to cooperate.

I've always added two payee lines for the investment firm each year, labeling one with "NY" so I can divide the tax-exempt dividends between NY (NY tax-free) & rest of country (NY taxable) on the corresponding additional dividend information screens.  Now I need to add one more variable, pre & post death.

I tried using the nominee feature on the additional information screen to subtract post-death dividend income but it reduced both ordinary & qualified dividends, both incorrectly.  What does the nominee screen adjust exactly?  Even if correct, I still have the tax-exempt dividends to reduce as well.  I can't just enter another payee line and put in negative amounts, the software doesn't allow it.  There should be a common technique to do this.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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