Level 3

Thanks for all of the feedback.  I did do my own research earlier and then more recently and found little that was very clear, direct or helpful.  I also found form IT-558 and instructions on the NYS web site.  I certainly understand the challenge Intuit experienced trying to get all tax updates done quickly and correctly.  I think my original message acknowledged these impediments.  Nevertheless it is hard for me to understand why I could submit a return on March 21 through Intuit, have it accepted by NY on March 22, have the client receive a letter by mail dated March 31 disagreeing and correcting her return and then shockingly finding the corrected IT-201 in my software when I opened the return after the client contacted me.  I felt like the client and I were left out of some insiders' information.  Oh, well - I'm done.  

Mostly I posted this hoping to have some impact of Inuit itself, since I find that it provides so little customer service.