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My California client got FTB form 3895 with the same numbers as Federal Form 1095-A.
The cover letter says: Use your Form 3895 to fill out form FTB 3849, Premium Assistance Subsidy.
attach Form FTB 3849 to your state tax return to report the California premium subsidy amount you
got each month.
I used the 1095-A form finished the Federal return and brought the information to the State.
The ProSeries platform did not bring me the form 3895.
I am not sure if it is really necessary to fill out the 3895 and then fill out form 3849.
The numbers, which Covered California shows in form 3895 are the same as the numbers in 
Federal 1095-A.
The ProSeries platform does not stop me to file the return without form 3895, I just need to click "Yes"
in Healthcare Worksheet.


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