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Don't change!  I did last year.  As you I was mad at Intuit, so I changed.  Worst tax move I have ever made.  Saved a $ or 2, but I have never been on customer support as much as I was with the other company.  I repurchased ProSeries last year after 50 or so return with the other company.  I was never so glad to get back to the old faithful; so I finish the year with ProSeries and never regretted going back to them.  Yes, I still get mad at them, but boy they are by far better than the other program.  So be patient, bite your tongue, and hang in there, it will work in the end. 


PS:  I have been with them a very long time, also: I started when they had a Mac version and they converted me to PC when they quit supporting Apple.

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