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Yes, I have the same problem.  The Task Scheduler has crashed since March 4, 2021.  Prior to that it was working.  Of course you must update manually to get around the problem.  Today I decided to try to contact ProSeries customer support via telephone.  The recording said the wait time was 30-35 minutes.  I was on a portable office phone and after one hour and 41 minutes, the battery died on the phone.  I just called them again on my office phone (not portable this time.)  This time the recording said the wait time was over an hour. I am a long long time user of ProSeries and rarely call the support number for assistance.  In the last four years, the wait times has been intolerably long.  I feel that Intuit has decided support via telephone is no longer something they wish to support.  I assume that there will be virtually no support when I purchase the program which this year cost around $6,600 for what I purchase.  I dont expect it to get any better since it is clear they really dont care about helping their customers.

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