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22 year old daughter.  Not a student.  Diagnosed as disabled due to Asperger's syndrome and severe ADHD. Worked a part time job and earned $6000.  Lives in a supported housing situation.  Single mother pays that rent, professional service fees, and healthcare insurance.  Can the mother claim the daughter somehow?

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If the daughter is considered "permanently and totally disabled", yes, it sounds like the mother can claim the daughter.


However, Asperger's syndrome and ADHD would not necessarily mean the child is "permanently and totally disabled".  If the child collects Social Security Disability, that would probably be a solid way to determine that the child qualifies.  If the child does not qualify for Social Security Disability, that does not necessarily mean she would not qualify as "permanently and totally disabled", but you would want to solidly document that situation, perhaps including doctors notes that "she can't engage in any substantial gainful activity".

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I believe the daughter made too much income to help out mom’s return.

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