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UPDATE:  Ok, of course no one called me back from Intuit but they did reject the return.  The reason was there were entries on Form 8962 for both the Annual Calculation and the Monthly Calculation and there can only be one.  My client had her husband on the insurance the first 2 months of the year only.  So I went to the part of the 8962 (after doing a lot of research) and did the shared policy allocation on the 1095-A form.  Well there were still Annual and Monthly in there but the added info was there on form 8962 so I tried again, it was rejected for the same reason immediately (like in within about 5 minutes when I checked).  There is no option to override either one of them.  And no errors from ProSeries are showing at all.  I had a mysterious green $0 on line 11(b) of the form 8962 that I couldn't get rid of or find out why it was there.  I finally deleted the form 8962 and when it came back the green $0 was magically gone.  So I have tried to efile again.  The reject hasn't come back immediately like it did earlier today....keeping my fingers crossed.   WOW  it says it was sent to the IRS!  Success!  Still keeping my fingers crossed.  🤞