Dalia Wood
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Is anyone else getting an error on page 6 of the 990 PF when they try to enter "none" when it asks for name(s) of staff receiving over 50K in compensation?    The instructions say enter none if none, so I enter none (I have also tried entering 0, which converts to the word "none") but then I get an efile error asking for their name and address.  I have tried entering none there also, and in all different fields, and that just generates different errors.  I have called FOUR times on this issue to tech support over the last 3 weeks, and sent in a sanitized file for their review, it's been over a week since the last call and I have gotten ZERO response so far.  The people answering the support lines don't prepare 990PF, so I have to go through all the "fixes" that I have already tried before they believe me that there is an issue.  It really seems like tech support quality has decreased from prior seasons.  The foundation attorney wants the return, and I don't want to paper file with all the covid closures, so my next step is getting another company's software package.  err.

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