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This topic is so irritating to me - The issue: started the day off filing returns completed but had to update Proseries.  In the process, my virus protection quarantines the file Cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe.  In the new world where accountants are getting pinged 3 to 5 days a week - sometimes more by phishing, hacking attempts and general scams and our trusted tax program sends us non-essential files that are known to cause false positives in anti-virus.  After reading these posts, I decided to call.  Much to my dismay, the CS rep read to me Orlando's post on this thread.  This was so ridiculous because my question was what is the file used for and is it essential.  Oh yes, it is and I should contact my Anti-virus company to have the junk they are pushing out whitelisted.  I should should do this?  Seriously?  My opinion differs.  I think the lazy  programmers should call the top 30 anti-virus vendors and do this.  Since the CS person could not tell me if ProSeries needed this file to function properly, I took more of my valuable time to research this further.  ProSeries uses this file in there Tool Hub - (here is a link to how Intuit is telling you how to uninstall this NON ESSENTIAL add on program:

I think they way Intuit is handling this situation really speaks to their lack of competence and integrity.  I guess after 15 years of being a loyal ProSeries customer, this situation has pushed me to the  plateau.  For the price I pay for this service, I deserve, expect and demand better programming updates, customer service and competent answers that were based on internal company knowledge  - not someone reading a blog that I already read.  

I wondered if ATX, Thomson Reuters, CCH and Drake are pushing out files in their updates with false positives of a malicious viruses - So I called my CPA friends who are using these programs - They are all laughing at us - or should I say, they are laughing at you Intuit.


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