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This question has probably already been asked, but which forms get actually filed with the tax authority when you e-file returns in ProSeries?

Specifically, the Colorado Form DR 1366 does not count as being "required" when it only has carryover information and has no information that affects the current year's return, so it does not print with the filing copy. However, the state of Colorado still requires it to be filed with the return in such cases. Someone has suggested that we need to create a PDF copy of the DR 1366 and manually attach it to the return to make sure that the state actually receives it, which seems like overkill to me. If we change the "control which forms print" settings to make the DR 1366 print "if any data", will that mean that it gets sent to the state every time there is carryover information? Or is attaching it every time the only way to be sure?

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