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Well, if you are trying to print a 2019 return, I can see a problem with that.  However, if you are printing a 2018 return:

Printing Error "Can not convert empty PrintListML"

When trying to print a return using Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Professional Edition or Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Basic Edition an error may occur: "Can not convert empty PrintListML." ProSeries fails to print any copy for tax returns. Print Preview and printing to PDF also result in the same error. This may have started suddenly; it may have been able to print just a few minutes or hours before.

Solution Description:Check the Data and Time format in Windows:
  1. Close ProSeries.
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Click on Clock, Language, and Region
  4. Click on Regional and Language
  5. Click on the Formats Tab
  6. Set the Format drop-down menu to English (United States)
  7. Click the Apply button and then click the OK button
  8. Open ProSeries and print the tax return again
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