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Hi Intuit Community,

I just started using pro-connect (Pro-Series) and it hasn't been easy. Looks easy to use i just dont know how to use it. Im having serious issues and i already put SO many hours into one specific 1120s. ProFX is really basic when it comes to add/delete fixed assets. Pro Series not so much. So, I was able to get to the fixed asset worksheet (page 1 box 14). Name, date of purchase, amount, asset type, etc. I can see all my depreciation at the end on box 14, form 4562 is also correct BUT i dont see it on the actual page when i print the reports, Balance sheet is out of balance by my depreciation, M1 and K dont tie out, AND K-1s income doesnt reflect any depreciation. Also, do i really have to enter line 10a and 10b manually? (depreciable assets and acc dep) Im sure i clicked on something or havent click something that is creating all this mess. any help is greatly appreciated. 


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