Level 15
Level 15
My home system isn't set for any type of Efiling, whether that matters or not, I have no clue.

I also don't have a printer physically attached, the printer that was there shows up and the drivers are still installed though, so maybe that has something to do with it?   The program  goes though all the motions of printing, the little printer icon appears in the bottom systray, it spools with no errors or crashing, and pops up that Printing Log Dialogue box when its done.

A SuperUser in the Lounge in TurboTax was toying with the idea that it may be related to a certain type of harddrive? Solid state vs whatever else there is?   I do have some kind of weird double harddrive in my office system...its a smaller drive that my OS is on, with a giant drive to save data...so he may be onto something....my home system does not have this kind of setup.

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