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I cannot print anything from the program.  I asked for a fix a few days ago and it worked a little bit but then again I get the message :"cannot convert empty printlistML error #10250.  I have done what was suggested to fix it, but I still can't print.  This is really frustrating.  I cannot even print the signature e-file signature forms for the client.  What are we supposed to do.  I have used Pro-Series for many years and have never had so many glitches.  The printing is not the only one.  It took me forever yesterday to open up the program, I have had to close the program and reopen it many times, I have had to reboot and reopen, I couldn't transmit for a while and had to get a fix for that.    It seems like I am spending more time fooling around with the glitches than I am working.  Now I am really in a pickle. What seems really odd is that it worked fine for a few days.  What the heck has happened.  

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