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You didnt see the pop up alert in the program?

When can I e-file Individual Tax returns? - Intuit Accountants Community

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In addition to what Lisa pointed out:

Didn't you see all the other posts asking the same thing?

Don't you subscribe to the IRS Quick Alerts so you know these things in advance?

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For 2020 Individual 1040 you have the option of sending them to Intuit right now and they will hold them until February 12th or you can hold them yourself until February 12th.  I am holding returns myself just in case someone calls and got  another tax document because once you send it to Intuit you can't get it back to make changes.

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Today!  Paper filing of returns never closes.

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It's in the program and at the top of this page where you just asked:

Federal e-file start date for Tax Year 2020 is February 12, 2021. See the ProSeries Tax specific information here



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